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an older man on a surfboard in a fake wave
VBS 2016: Surf Shack
The Gahan Girls — Surf Shack Wave and Surfboard Photo Booth
an indoor play area with rocks, water and fake dinosaurs on the ground in front of a waterfall
Decorating Ideas for VBS | The
there is a palm tree painted on the wall in this classroom room with buckets
Palm Tree (created with butcher paper and paint).
a tree made out of paper sitting in front of a book shelf
Palm tree created by my sister-in-law, Arnet :) She used fadeless paper, so it would last ALL year!
an apple tree with leaves on it next to a bulletin board
Favorite Book Bulletin Board competition...The Giving Tree | Paper tree classroom, Classroom tree, The giving tree
Favorite Book Bulletin Board competition...The Giving Tree
a red carpeted room with white and black decorations on the ceiling, two televisions in the background
Matteo’s Peter Pan Themed Party – 1st Birthday
Matteo’s Peter Pan Themed Party – Stage
an indoor area decorated with fake trees and paper mache decorations on the walls, along with other items
jungle inside
vbs 2015 classroom - Google Search
two men in formal wear are posing next to a fake shark and life preserver
Photocall marinero: una temática para lo amantes del mar.
photocall temática marina
the ceiling is decorated with blue fabric and lights in different stages of being suspended from the ceiling
Stunning Under-The-Sea Decorating Ideas Kids Would Love - HomeDesignInspired
Sometimes, kid’s room decor needs to change according to the season, such as when it is getting into summer, the “under the sea” theme would be perfect for your home. Either your kid loves sea creatures or be a mermaid fan, there is an under-the-sea decorating idea for every kiddo that she/he want to bring [...]
the window is decorated with paper cut outs and fairy images on it, as well as a blue cooler
Decorated window with Peter Pan and Wendy
there is a banner that says neverland on it
Peter Pan bunting and Neverland banner
a teepee with red and white feathers hanging from it
Lost Boys of Neverland, Peter Pan, Birthday
Lost Boys of Neverland, Peter Pan, leaf & lantern cake, lost boys silhouette, felt feather garland, A frame tent, lost boys rulez, neverland sign, peter pan quote, felt woodland animal ears, treasure hunt, treasure chest, to entertain, toentertain
the table is decorated with pink flowers and green leaves, gold vases, and decorative items
Magical Neverland Birthday Party {Peter Pan} // Hostess with the Mostess®
peter pan birthday party tablescape and place settings
there are many different pictures on the table with words above them that say peter pan neverland party
Peter Pan Neverland Party | Kara's Party Ideas
Peter Pan Neverland Party via Kara's Party Ideas - (1)
a basket filled with lots of green items on top of a table next to a bamboo wall
{A Never Never Land Inspired} Peter Pan 4th Birthday!
Tinkerbell Wings and Peter Pan Hats {A Never Never Land Inspired} Peter Pan 4th Birthday!