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Oppskriften på kaldt som faen votter, her står det hvor mange masker og hvilke type garn
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Oppskriften på kaldt som faen votter, her står det hvor mange masker og hvilke type garn

Несколько страниц со схемами варежек из неизвестной мне книги.. Обсуждение на LiveInternet - Российский Сервис Онлайн-Дневников
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Латышские варежки, вязание варежек, схемы для варежек, жаккардовый узор, Latvian mittens, Fair isle knitting, Jacquard ornament, color pattern
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Do you have items lying around your house or stuffed into drawers that you can’t do much with but that you don’t want to throw out? Do you like saving money while reducing wastefulness at the same time? Finding creative ways to use junk items in your home is a great way to satisfy those needs! Your junk drawers, recycling bins, and even the spare change beneath your couch cushions have the potential to become beautiful DIY projects. Check out the ideas below for some projects to try. After…

Ravelry: mgermain's Latvian Mittens a la Irma #1
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mgermain's Latvian Mittens a la Irma #1

Ravelry: Graph 73 - District of Kurzeme pattern by Lizbeth Upitis--by LilleMy Flickr
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Graph 73 - District of Kurzeme pattern by Lizbeth Upitis

Latvian mittens were knit originally on needles varying in size from 0-0000 (2-1.25 mm, 13-16 English). The yarn was usually a fine 2-ply homespun similar to an 8/2 weaving yarn or as fine as a “fingering yarn”. The pattern asks that you find your own gauge with your own needles and yarn and then adjust the graph based on a sizing chart at the back of the book.

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Российский Сервис Онлайн-Дневников

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Lappone: Knitting in the old tradition. A contemporary use of an old pattern from Halland in Sweden. The cuff is twined knitting.
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Knitting in the old tradition

The first time I saw this stitch pattern I knew that I would make at least one pair of mittens using it. The sheer symmetry and harmony that it displays appeals strongly to me. It was part of a mitten from the north of Halland, Sweden. When it comes to knitting, Halland is foremost known for the fantastic Binge tradition. But I have never seen this pattern used in Binge knitting. These mittens are knitted on dbpns 2.0 mm with a thin 2-ply yarn spun in Denmark. The wool used is from the…