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Though it hurts, we can all manage to try to stay alright, but no one knows what really runs through us. I really do miss my mom and my beloved pup Sebastian. every day I think of and talk to them both.

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"A million words would not bring you back, I know because I've tried; Neither would a million tears, I know because I've cried." 10 Super Sad Quotes For The Broken Hearted - Dating Advice And Tips

Put the pieces of your broken heart back together again with this wonderful advice for moving on & finding the love your heart desires: <3

I think the hardest part of losing someone, isn't having to say goodbye, bit rather learning to live without them. Always trying to fill the void, the emptiness that's left inside your heart when they go.

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I had a lot of reasons to give up on you. But I still chose to stay. You had a lot of reasons to stay. But you chose to give up. btw: I have filled the moat around My Castle with Piranha, feel free to take a dip anytime

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"Sometimes it hurts. It hurts so much that you feel like your chest will cave in and the only thing stopping it are the gasps of air you take in between the tears." _______________________________ This is what Depression feels like.