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a map of the world with countries and flags
Around the World Bulletin Board Set - 63 Pc. | Oriental Trading
Around the World Bulletin Board Set
a sign that says throw kindness around like confetti
Throw Kindness Around Like Confetti School Counselor Poster - Etsy
Throw Kindness Around Like Confetti, School Counselor Poster, Teen Bedroom Decor, Classroom Poster, Office Decor, Motivational Class Poster #etsy #art #digital #schoolcounselor #counselorposters #schoolposters #classroomposters #motivationalposter #classroomdecor #tidyladyprintables
a heart made up of flags with the words, let there be peace on earth
Canvas Art & Prints | Zazzle
Global heart canvas print
a heart made out of many different flags on a green wall with the words learning aids written below
We love how @learningwithlaird’s school celebrates diversity and culture with their students!
a bunch of signs that say how do you say hello? and also have pictures on them
LibGuides: Survey of Special Populations: Multicultural Activities
Bulletin board: Multicultural Classroom
a bulletin board with an earth globe and words on it that say, diversity is the one true thing we all have in common
Boston's Voice of Cultural Diversity
Diversity classroom display
there is a sign that says share our similarities and celebrate our differences
This quote describes the idea behind acculturation. There are also similarities between cultures and students in the classroom. But instead of trying to make everyone the same, we should celebrate the differences in our classroom through lessons about the diverse cultures.
a bulletin board with the words it's a small world hanging on a line
Boston's Voice of Cultural Diversity
Traveling theme bulletin board.
a bulletin board with pictures and words on it that says one world, many stories
2011 Summer Reading Bulletin Board
idea: use this slogan - have a huge map or earth pic then use string to connect to different parts with pics of books from/about the region. Good for Diversity Night
a bulletin board with people's faces on it and the words diversity written in different languages
Diversity bulletin board with quote from Maya Angelou including self-portrait…
a bulletin board that has been decorated with children's handprints on it
Diversity bulletin board for art-this is my first day of school activity and my bulletin board for my classroom!: