IGCSE Textiles The Ocean

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an open notebook with drawings and diagrams on the pages, all lined up in different directions
Basic Paper Beads(Instructions)
two gold colored fish are being held by someone's hand
Fashion Sketchbook, Ocean Fashion Design, Fashion Competition, Fashion Inspiration Design, Fashion Design
TiUnlock Your Beauty Potential with the Power of Makeup
a purple and black jellyfish in a circular frame on a white sheeted surface
Original embroidery hoop artwork от YuliyaKu на Etsy
several different types of jellyfish are displayed in embroidery hoops on a blue background
Beautiful Jellyfish Embroidery with wool and beads (Artist: YuliaKu - link in comments)
three pieces of art made out of fabric and paper on a white surface with water
Sandra Meech
an assortment of different designs and colors on paper
some drawings and other items that are on top of a piece of paper with watercolor
Exemplar - Bag Design ideas
blue and purple fashion collage with images
a collage of pictures with different colors and designs on it's side, including an ornate couch
Rococo color palette
an abstract painting with circles and bubbles in blue, green, white and black colors
2013 — Amy Genser