“Party Dress” Bowtiful Wallpaper – November ’15

It’s been a while since I’ve created a new bowtiful wallpaper. I absolutely loved the last one that I released, so I haven’t felt like changing it, but…

“Rose Quartz” Bowtiful Wallpaper – January ’16

Today I’m happy celebrate the beginning of a three-day weekend by bringing you a brand new bowtiful wallpaper! As some of you may know, Pantone named “Rose Q…

Black & White Bowtiful Wallpaper

Back by popular demand, I have another Bowtiful Wallpaper to share with all of you today. The previous, pastel wallpaper went over very well. I chose a more black and white theme for …

Bowtiful Wallpaper ~ Pastel Perfection

Today I am very excited to reveal a brand new type of post here on Bowtiful Life…*drumroll*desktop wallpaper!I’ve been designing custom wallpapers for myself for a little …

“Life in Color” Bowtiful Wallpaper ~ September

Bowtiful Life: "Life in Color" Bowtiful Wallpaper ~ September

“Golden Slumbers” Bowtiful Wallpaper ~ October

I absolutely love fall and one of my favorite things about the season is the way that the leaves change from rich greens to bright oranges, deep reds, and beautiful golds.

“Icy Light” Bowtiful Wallpaper

This month’s screensaver was inspired by the super chilly weather that the Midwest has been experiencing recently.