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two mason jars filled with different types of items
Cute sewing kit for gifting!!!
an open notebook with writing on it that says, the 4 gift christmas rules are shown
Christmas Gift Tracker Bullet Journal Planner Page
four shots of pineapples and coins in a glass bottle with wine corks
Ska du iväg på #kalas i helgen?? Skoja till gå-bort-vinet/saftflaskan och förvandla den till en smarrig annans! ✨ •Allt som behövs är chokladpengar, färgat papper, cellofan och limpistol! •Börja med att klippa ut och limma på pappersremsor. Limma sedan på chokladen. • Packa in i cellofan för en festligare look ✨ // Dinner-party this weekend? Decorate a wine bottle with chocolate-coins ✨
three bottles filled with chocolates and christmas decorations
Arreglos fiesta Navidad #winegifts
four pictures of pineapples and a bottle of wine in different stages of being decorated
Best Christmas Food Gift Ideas – Pink Lover
Best Christmas Food Gift IdeasSome people find pleasure in receiving Christmas food gifts instead of material things. Count me in! I really don’t mind if I get stuffs or I get goodies on holiday season, I feel the same joy whatever gift my family…