Rasmus Brøgger

Rasmus Brøgger

Rasmus Brøgger
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Hatchets by Chris Green

tools to create with, not to destroy. Just a simple reminder Arborists should always put the health & wellbeing of trees first. I do Skullybloodrider.

Taking shape (flip bed down)

Drop down bed - Full van makeover by Cyrus Sutton Great idea, storage under -- how much weight will this hold? c 112116

I met Finn in Hungary whilst helping to build the SUN festival (my first summer on the road) and now he’s a good friend. And he’s just bought a van! He’s been living in it through the winter in England. Note: I meant to post this 2 months ago. Oops. So here’s a tour of …

Van tour: He lives by the woods in his van – in England – in winter - Vandog Traveller