A GINORMOUS list of healthy kids snack ideas.

Snacks to Take Swimming at the Beach or Pool

Lunches for kiddies

Back to School: 10 Healthy lunch box ideas for under $2

power snack: Banana, peanut butter and whole wheat wrap. Down side is that it's high calorie, esp for a snack. I did one tbsp pb, half banana, half wrap for 200 calories. The whole thing would be 410 calories.

Frog bag

Toddler Frog Rucksack by Baba+Boo Avery needs this

Dotty Hippo - Stephen Joseph Signature Quilted Dinosaur Backpack, £20.00 (http://www.dottyhippo.co.uk/stephen-joseph-signature-quilted-dinosaur-backpack/)

Stephen Joseph Signature Quilted Dinosaur Backpack

This Dinsosaur quilted signature backpack from Stephen Joseph is one of the limited edition range to commemorate 30 years in business

Matching lion drinks bottle

Matching lion drinks bottle

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