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an image of a car seat with steering wheel
DIY Racing Cockpit Plans | DIY Racing Simulator Cockpit
there is a black and white object on the floor
How to Make Interesting MDF Panels With Inlays
the tools are sitting on the table ready to be made into a house or home
How to Make Interesting MDF Panels With Inlays
several pieces of metal sitting on top of a black table in front of a wooden cabinet
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a racing car sits in front of a television
Simulador de Corrida GT Flex
a video game controller is mounted to the wall on a wood paneled wall,
Star Citizen - MASSIVE Fps Battle | 50 Players PvP
a man sitting in front of a tv playing a video game on the nintendo wii
Simulador de Corrida Flex Race
Ação de Marketing evento.
a gaming room with two monitors, steering wheel and pedals on the desk in front of it
a large metal object sitting on top of a table
Taking shape, with the monitor support and pedal base fitted.
the table is being built and ready to be used as a workbench for construction
More parts ready to be cut out
a table that has some kind of wooden object on top of it with the word n racing painted on it
Hardest part was cutting these out of MDF in double thickness!
a desk with a hole in the middle
Steering wheel base detail, holes are for mounting Logitech G25/G27
an electric car sits on display in front of a large screen tv with the image of a racing car
Evenso Social Simulador Fórmula 1
Mais um evento bem Sucedido. Festa social temática tema Fórmula 1. #sensavr #Simulador #simuladores #realidadevirtual #VR #f1 #formula1 #eventoscorporativos #agenciadeeventos #aniversario