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RC Wonder Woman - Colored by on @DeviantArt

Edit: First upload was a tad dark and her hair was a little blueish so quickly fixed those. Pencil RC WonderWoman I by Ink and colors Me RC Wonder Woman - Colored

☆ Grimm Fairy Tales: Madness OF Wonderland #2 :: Zenescope Entertainment ☆

Cover for Grimm Fairy Tales Presents Madness of Wonderland (Zenescope Entertainment, 2013 series) [Cover C Boston Comic Con Exclusive]

Suicide Squad Harley Quinn by Stanley "Artgerm," Lau

baseball bat batman (series) belt blonde hair bracelet choker collarbone dc comics dccu english facepaint fingerless gloves fishnet pantyhose fishnets gloves graffiti gun gun holster hand on leg harley quinn holster jacket jewelry looking at viewer m