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an image of multiple lines with different colors and shapes on them, all over the same page
Minor details about Tony Stark - Superhero
an image of a line graph with the names of different types of logos on it
MCU timeline: Watch the Marvel movies in order | Uswitch
MCU timeline: Watch the Marvel movies in order | Uswitch
the many faces of captain america and their characters in each movie character's name
Does everybody agree? I DO - Funny
an info sheet with the names and numbers of different countries in each country's flag
I raise you with Belgium - Funny
four different soccer players with the same team name
La différence entre la Ligue Europa et la Ligue des champions 🤣
the meme shows people in different ways, including police officers and children with their arms around each other
Kid who is being attacked: *Defends himself* Parents The Police Lª Society € a N I: - iFunny
the sky is filled with clouds and cars
This is literally most beautiful cloud formation and sunset you'll ever see. - iFunny
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the sky is reflected looking like a portal to another world with an emoticive effect
It fvcking is 🤦‍♀️
an iron man poster with all the armors in each character's body and chest
Iron man's suit MARK 1-42 by Bossen29 on DeviantArt