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an ornately decorated entrance to a building with potted plants and flowers in front
Thierry Lechanteur, 1968 | Voyage imaginaire en Art Nouveau
an elaborately designed building with flowers growing out of it
an aerial view of a building with a large cross on it's front and sides
an old building with statues on the front and side walls, along with a bike parked in front
Aachen, Kaiserdom, Anna- und Matthias-Kapellen - Cathedral, Chapels of St. Anne and St. Matthew
an old church with many spires on it's roof
Wiesbaden Ringkirche west entrance
an old building with red paint on it's front and side, has ornate windows
the entrance to an ornate building with arabic writing on it and blue tiles inlays
a man walking past a tall white building on a city street with an ornately decorated doorway
20 of the Most Charming Little Shopfronts