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Evergreen tree tattoo

I'll be getting 4 for mill,chase, Penn and a small baby tree for our angel baby we lost who now watches over us. My kids have always loved evergreens since they were little.

You know what's great about a long distance relationship? Nothing. I love this cat.

Who found nemo? I Wonderd why 'Finding Nemo' the movie never made it to our local Theater.

52 Nature Inspired Tattoo Designs

Tree Tattoo via f-yeah tattoos. This little pine tree is my first and (so far) only tattoo. It was done by the very funny and friendly Terence at No Regrets in Tallahassee, Florida. I grew up in Wisconsin and this blue spruce pine is a symbol of that.

<b>Absence makes the heart grow flippin

What happens when you leave your significant other: you start texting too much and talking about pointless things