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a boy and his dog are sitting on the stairs in front of a large window
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hölzernes treppen design - ein junge mit einem hund darauf
an empty room with stairs leading up to the second floor
SNAKE RANCH - fabriciomora: Private Residence - Maya Lin...
fabriciomora: Private Residence - Maya Lin Studio
the stairs are made of concrete and wood with white walls in the backround
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three metal shelves on the side of a wall
Steel staircase in a house by Nagoya-based Japanese architect Tomoaki Uno
an apartment building with wooden balconies and plants in the window sill area
Gallery of 144 House Apartment / Ali Sodagaran + Nazanin Kazerounian - 13
A clean, simple opening in a cladded granite stone facade that opens onto an outdoor space with adjustable wooden slats to moderate light at an Iranian apartment building. By Ali Sodagaran + Nazanin Kazerounian
a car parked in front of a tall brick building
TDO pairs brick and bronze for contemporary London house
Old Church Street by TDO
a white building with two windows and people walking in the doorways on either side
Galería de Casa JA / Filipe Pina + Maria Ines Costa - 9
Galería de Casa JA / Filipe Pina + Maria Ines Costa - 9