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Rania Mohareb

Rania Mohareb
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My first Dua book- DIY

When we first started making our Dua book it was initially to count their blessings as I asked them what they were grateful for.

Quran is composed with the words of Allah Almighty to guide Muslims on righteous path according to Allah’s commandments. Quran is in Arabic language, a language not known to all. Muslims try to contemplate the meanings of Quranic scripture to decrypt the mysteries that Allah wants to…

5 life changing verses from the Qur'an : Allah tests the believer, Rely on Allah only, Kindness in character, Supplicate to Allah, Avoid backbitting.

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Qur'an Verse: Lillah , For Allah Lesson Objective: - To understand the importance of having the correct intention Activi.