This nature-inspired pattern is recommended for intermediate-level knitters who have experience with stranding and working from charts.

Songbird Mittens pattern by Erica Heusser

owl in oaks mittens  I am not talented enough to make this D:

Owl in Oaks Mittens pattern by Natalia Moreva

I’d like to thank my testknitters Mitt, Craftzone, Mazas and KathyInIowa for the wondreful pictures! Testknitting is still in progress - expect more pictures posted soon.

Ravelry: Winterland/Vinterland pattern by Wenche Roald, beautiful, pattern 6 USA dollar on Ravelry

Winterland/Vinterland pattern by Wenche Roald

Winterland/Vinterland pattern: inspired by the Norwegian winter and a picture of an old embroidered wall hanging

mystery robin mittens

April Mystery mittens, designed by Julie Hamilton, knit by Pat, Pat's Knitting and Quilting. Also available on Ravelry: The Secret (stranded).

At my sisters in Nova Scotia with her lettlopi mittens galore…

At my sisters in Nova Scotia with her lettlopi mittens galore 😻😻😻

Ravelry: Februarvotter / Februar / February by MaBe

Februarvotter / Februar / February pattern by MaBe


It's Bambi! pattern by Stina Öhman


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