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I probs already repinned this but, what the heck!

It makes perfect since cause Hermione had the time turner and he could have used it to go back in time to talk to younger Draco and treat her and everyone else like words and saved her life that's what I call TRUE LOVE ❤️!

Harry Potter Alternate Storyline - Tri-Wizard Champion So sad yet so beautiful. I wish JK would just give Slytherins more insight views and stories (not that I’m complaining her work, but I really wanna read some Slytherin stories)

Yes. He needs a saviour, she needs to feel needed

I think JK Rowling could've had a beautiful couple here. Ron and Hermione. they're okay, but it just is so obvious. I knew from the moment during Prizoner of Azkaban when Hermione grabbed Ronald's hand that they would be together.