Ramona Mikkelhaug

Ramona Mikkelhaug

Ramona Mikkelhaug
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Lydia Martin from Teen Wolf "Lydia would never run and hide."

Lydia Martin from Teen Wolf "Lydia would never run and hide.


Sweaters and messy buns are perfect together.

Vogue US, March 1996 Photographer : Bruce Weber Model : Lonneke Engel

midnight-charm: Lonneke Engel by Bruce Weber for Vogue March 1996

Depression quote: I want to be happy but something inside me screams that I do not deserve it. www.HealthyPlace.com

I feel so overwhelmed and totally life FUCKED!

neurosis // by Jlynn

It's really cool how the girl falling is the only thing going on in the picture. She is placed in an interesting spot in the frame to create excitement.

Alex) Nobody cares about me.. I am done...

Imogen Morris Clarke by Chadwick Tyler love the darkness!

awesome portrayal of confliction

CONFLICT awesome portrayal of confliction

Fear Inducement/Fear Augmentation: The power to evoke extreme fear and horror in others. The user can evoke and increase fear and horror in others causing the target’s brain to release fear-inducing chemicals. The victim’s perception may be altered, causing them see their environment as ominous and the user as dark and foreboding, or even seen as a monster.

nightmare by lucyluh on DeviantArt

Mental illness has its way of eating away at you until you are no longer yourself, and most often it will change who you are into someone you do not want to be.

Period of darkness print von jennipenni auf Etsy

Clown Stuff.. is freaky

Rosie Hardy A very creative use of shadows to help portray a powerful feeling and emotion in this picture.