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a woman wearing goggles and scuba gear on a boat
a woman in scuba gear sitting on the back of a boat
a woman sitting on top of a boat wearing a wet suit and diving gear,
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a woman sitting on the ground wearing goggles and a gas mask with a hose attached to her head
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a woman in a wetsuit sitting on the ground next to a large yellow snake
a woman in a wet suit standing next to a table with scuba gear on it
a person in scuba gear and goggles on a coral reef
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Lips when trying scuba regulator
a woman in a bathing suit standing next to two tanks on a bench near the ocean
Diving in the Red Sea as a whole is a pretty special attraction and like a box of Quality Street - everybody has their own favourite. Some would say that Sharm El Sheikh on the Sinai Peninsula has the best of what Egypt has to offer. The legendary dive location that is Ras Mohammed, wrecks the likes of the Thistlegorm and the Straits of Tiran are all easily accessible from Sharm El Sheikh. Dotted with at least 10 other interesting wreck sites,
a woman with goggles on her head is underwater
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a scuba diver in the water with his equipment
a woman in scuba gear drinking from a water bottle