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an arch made out of bamboo sticks in the grass
living willow arch and fencing
living willow arch and fencing by willowpool, via Flickr
a tall bamboo plant in front of a brick wall and green grass on the ground
Willow switches will bend and sprout with a little love. Great fence idea for between houses, and willow will suck all the water up in the wet side 9f the house!
a wooden fence made out of branches next to a body of water
"grow-your-own fence" - the pollarded willows not only supply the withes, they're also the fence posts by herminia
a bunch of trees that are next to each other in the grass and one tree has many branches attached to it
Old fashioned wooden fence
an outdoor garden with lots of green plants and trees in the background, surrounded by wooden structures
Landscape Design
Interesting arbor and fence. I think this would be best used for a hidden children's garden.
a garden filled with lots of different types of plants
Wattle Fence Ideas - 1001 Gardens
Oh, to have a garden with weaving paths and succulent vegetables. A daily adventure through nature and the eternal hope of a glimpse of itty bitty flower fairies
some plants that are growing in the ground
Make it one-of-a-kind
willow twigs
a person holding a wire basket in their hands
How to make willow plant supports
How to make a willow plant support.
three small trees made out of sticks in the grass
Redirect Notice
willow obelisks
several small trees made out of branches in the grass
beautiful willow obelisk
an old iron garden trellis sitting in the grass
Made from found twigs/branches... Lovely and rustic for veg garden, much prettier than an ordinary trellis
two wicker baskets sitting on top of a wooden table
mandenmakerij – workshops en cursussen – maatwerk
Willow birdhouses By: Anja van der Veer