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Mosque,Pogradec on Behance
a bathroom with a bench and shower in the corner, measurements are shown for each area
Buat wudhu....
an image of people standing in front of a giant fake tree with the words cekrat harkalar dijuaranda
an ornately decorated room with blue and white tiles
a man sitting in a chair with his feet up on the floor next to a book shelf
Iqra means “to read” in Arabic and has significance in Islam. To inspire the pursuit of knowledge we created this bookshelf to hold prized literature.The Iqra Bookshelf is four layers of high quality birch plywood suspended with bolts creating a light and airy structure to store books.
a room with arabic calligraphy on the walls and lights in the ceiling, along with an ornament
TEAM Project Architecture
#architecture #interiordesign #design #içmimari #tasarim #mescit #mimarlık #icmimarlik #team #proje
a man standing on top of a green machine
an intricately decorated entrance to a building with red carpet and gold trimmings
Cairo - Al Azhar Mosque - Mihrab
Al Azhar Mosque - Cairo, Egypt
the entrance to an ornate building with blue and white tiles
Turquoise blue tiles in multi-arched doorway, Molla Heydar Mosque (19th century); Mashhad, Iran