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a pencil drawing of a woman with long hair
Half Portrait Value Lesson for kids - Leah Newton Art
a drawing of a black and white cow
Easy How to Draw a Cow Face Tutorial and Cow Face Coloring Page
a piece of paper that has been cut out to look like a circle with holes in it
Clay and Weaving!
I'm brave, I tried a new lesson again.... I can say as we are completing these clay frames that you have to follow some basic rules...
four white tags with words on them sitting next to some branches and twigs in front of a black background
Madeit Australia
clay gift tags - mini square just because {set 4} - by mudbynest on madeit
four different pictures of buttons with cross stitching on them, all in white and red
True Blue Me & You: DIYs for Creatives
DIY Cross Stitch Brooch/Pendant. These are made out of clay, but you could easily make them out of polymer clay. This is from a Danish Site Irene here. One photo upload.
a face made out of paper with eyes and beard on the wall above it is an image of a man's face
LouiseFultonStudio - Etsy
LOVE these Ceramic wall sculptures! | LouiseFultonStudio
four different shots of white birds sitting on top of each other
The singing birds by ArtMind etcetera, via Flickr - I'd like to make some of these!!!!
four different colored maps are on top of each other
Have an old map book, box of circles, and some images of Mondrian's primary color artworks--- ready for some art!
a painting on the wall with a tree in it
Encaustic Artist
"Above Turquoise" 10"x10" Encaustic artwork More
an abstract painting with blue and pink colors
Målningar olja · Bildkonstnär Carin Lundblad
Carin Lundblad
an abstract painting with pink, blue and black colors on it's surface is shown
Bygger om · Bildkonstnär Carin Lundblad
Kära besökare, jag tyckte det var dags att bygga om lite här på sidan så därför ser det ut såhär. Hoppas snart kunna presentera en tjusig ny hemsida.
an assortment of different colored fish on white paper
bicocacolors shop
Painted and doodled stripes of watercolor - these are so pretty