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a bike with drawers on the back parked in front of a store
two pictures side by side with people standing around an ice cream cart
Rhinno Cargobike & velopak
two people standing next to a red bike with an awning on it's back
a woman wearing a face mask standing behind a food cart
two motorcycles parked next to each other on the side of the road with an ice chest in the back
Bullitt Cargo Bike. Steve McQueen colour scheme!
a white bicycle parked in front of a building
SBC Cycles | Custom Bike Shop in East London | Build Gallery
a bicycle that is sitting on the ground with a sign attached to it's front wheel
Larry vs Harry - Home of the Bullitt cargo bike
a white bicycle with a red seat in the grass
an electric bike with red rims parked in a parking garage next to a yellow and white wall
a green bike parked on top of a dirt road next to a sign that says coney island
Bullitt on an island
a man standing next to a child on a bike with a shark car attached to it
A Portland bike: The Hosmer family's custom e-assist cargo rig
a man riding a bike with a cart attached to it's front wheel and two tires on the back
a green bike parked in front of a building
a green bike parked on the side of a street
Larry vs Harry Bullitt Cargo bike
a yellow bike with a cooler on the back
BFS2015: Cargo Bikes Everywhere We Look