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Fever - Silvia Pelissero. She has some nice drawings:

Italian artist Agnes-Cecile (aka Silvia Pelissero) creates visually striking black-and-white portraits by dripping paint on blank canvases. ~ Visually Striking Black-And-White Portraits Created From Dripped Paint

Bellatrix and her Shadow "ele está ao meu lado desde vezes ele comanda,as vezes eu dou as ordens...mas nuca nos separamos"

His trademark look is bright white eyes that lure people in, as opposed to being dark, Devrim chose the light as his dominion, because it's easier to lure in someone to the light.

Canal de drainage d'une prairie, fossé d'évacuation de ce qui vient de la colline ou tranchée défensive ?

The fields outside Dimi Dicel often are full of crops and also flowers that beautifully decorate vacant valley