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a triangle shaped structure made out of various items in the woods with trees and bushes around it
The bug house.. (bugs forum at permies)
a wooden shelf with lots of different things on it and labeled in the words below
A share of a visual what to put in Bee/Insect "Condos" that are free of perfume, dye, chemicals and pesticides. After seeing dryer sheets, dyed yarn and pet fur laced with flea and tick pesticides, etc. and other potentially toxic materials added to these on other sites, thought this is a great example of safe things to add.
a bird sitting on top of a hanging bird feeder in the shape of a half moon
Dreamy Boho Garden Spaces III
a stone path is lined with colorful flowers
Garden Walkway Design – Tips for a Beautiful Garden Path
a garden with stepping stones and flowers in it
an old, run down building is surrounded by greenery and trees in the background
the instructions for how to make stepping stones
RockMolds.com Stepping Stones Photo Gallery
how to make your own stepping stones out of concrete
a stone walkway in the middle of some grass
How to Stain Concrete - Safe and Inexpensive
How to Stain Concrete! Safe and Inexpensive! Using simple and safe ingredients you can change the look of a concret…