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You're a rockstar at what you do. Just wanted you to know we notice and love it!
High-five for bringing your A-game!
Not all heroes wear capes – some just do awesome work like you.
Your ideas are like a fresh cup of coffee – absolutely energizing!
Here's a shoutout to your awesome work. 
Your problem-solving skills are like a Swiss Army knife – always handy, always sharp. 
Cheers to you for making our workplace a better place!
Your work sparkles, and so do you. Thanks for shining bright! Entitled Employees Quotes, Public Service Recognition Week, Respect In Workplace, Thank You Employee Quotes, Workplace Fitness Challenge Ideas, Employee Encouragement Ideas, Work Promotion Party Ideas, Having Fun At Work, New Employee Get To Know You Questions
9 non-boring shout-outs for your employees
By the way, today is Employee Appreciation Day! 💚 We collected some ideas to say thank you to the core of your company – your team. Today and every day 😉 #employeeappreciationday #employeeappreciation #employeeengagement #employeerecognition #employeewellness #employeemotivation #employeedevelopment
a piece of paper with a quote on it that reads, nothing will kill a great employee faster than watching you tolerate a bad one
When Toxic Employees Negative Behaviors are Enable
an english speaking poster with the words speaking tips and other things to do on it
Is it safe to order essay online? ✔️ Can I get in trouble for writing someone else's paper?
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a poster with the words useful phrases to use during business meetings
This Account Showcases Real Women That Don’t Follow Society’s Expectations (30 Pics)
a table with two words that say instead of apoloizing, say instead of saying
LinkedIn Login, Sign in | LinkedIn
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the differences between good and bad things in an english language infographical poster showing different types of words
Good vs bad ways of saying difficult things
There are different ways of saying difficult things. In this image you can learn about the best way to do it. It can be useful as a manager, therapist, with your partner or children.
a woman sitting in front of a computer on top of a desk with words above her
Office work phrases to avoid and confident alternatives
a green poster with the words 12 better ways to say that is not my job
12 Better Ways to Say “That is Not My Job”
a green poster with the words, 80 professional ways to tell someone off using big words
How to tell someone off using big words? (80 Examples with professional tips)
How to tell someone off using big words? (80 Examples with professional tips) 4