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a child's artwork is displayed on the floor
a painting with music notes on it and paint splatters all over the frame
#trumpet melted crayon art
a painting of a soccer ball in the middle of bookshelves with trees painted on it
Craft #16 - melted crayons on canvas. She REALLY liked this one. Tried to use some parchment paper to create a circle void in the middle - but that didn't work very well for her. She glued a soccer ball cut out onto where the void should have been.
a painting on the ground with a person jumping up and holding a tennis racquet
MY FIRST CRAYON MELTING. I'd say it's pretty successful. Soccer crayon melting art
several crayons and markers are sitting on a table next to a baseball bat
Baseball art, this is for you miss E
there are many different colored crayons on the paper with writing that says, when it rains, look for rainbows
When it Rains Look for Rainbows Melted Crayon Wall Art
This 11 inch by 14 inch canvas has crayons glued to it and melted with a hair dryer.
the cross is painted in rainbow colors with crayons and paintbrushes next to it
30+ Cool Melted Crayon Art Ideas
DIY Art with Crayons! Don't Forget to Follow BoredMojo 🥳
the letter r is painted with multicolored drips on it's side
***mkay&billy2011*** how i made the melted crayon project [PIP fixed]
a card with flowers and sticks in it
Melted Crayon Art Projects - Kids Kubby
Melted Crayon Art Projects