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….Okay so I discovered that Lance/Matt Holt (Latte) is a thing. I kinda love it and kinda want Matt to be an even bigger flirt than Lance is. And for Shiro and Pidge to be complete trolls.

Latte because it’s fluffy

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I Don’t Ship It, But This Is Great

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Platonic Kidge

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Hogwarts AUs

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I can relate , my friend was looking up cuss words in French while I was looking up the words "Princess , beautiful , and how to say I love you ". in latin . Also whenever I say shit to my gf in latin she just smirks at me while my cinnamon roll gf has no clue
This is good but also Lance speaks Spanish because he’s Cuban. Maybe Japanese or Samoan?
Hunk of the Yellow Lion from Voltron Legendary Defender


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Mathematics Holt

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What is this I found this with zero context I dont understand. I thought it was some life hack thing and that it was going to say “instead of throwing out chalk, just turn it into this artsy thingy” or some bullshit but instead someone ate the chalk??


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Team Fanart

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Dads of Marmora

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AU where Lance was the one to save Shiro and Keith is the one who finds him with Hunk and Pidge
#comics #fanarts #humor #memes #PALADIN #Voltron #YOUNG
Klance comic - 15 - Wattpad


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Memes, Arent You, and : klanced overlord pidge Follow gay beans allura: im going 2 mcdonalds do u guys want anything keith: shiro back lance: some self esteem hunk: screen time allura: ya i got like 2 dollars Source: gay beans #coran: pidge aren't you goin 825 notes HSHSGS
My name is Katie as well but I go by Paige

Tumblr/Twitter Memes

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