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Planning for the First 2 Weeks of School in Your Special Education Classroom

The first few weeks in the classroom can be tough. You’re given the room and the caseload, but not much else. There’s grade level curriculum to be adapted, but before you can even start that, you’ve got weeks of assessments and data collection ahead of you. Here are a few ideas to help you survive …

A Perfect Blend

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How I Create and Maintain A Positive Classroom Culture for K-2!

Hi everyone! It's Naomi O'Brien from Read Like a Rock Star! I've noticed a lot of teachers heading back to school, and thought I'd share a few of the ideas I use to create a positive classroom culture. For years, my coworkers chalked my sweet and well behaved classes up to the "luck of the draw", but then they had to admit, it must have been something I was doing. We, the teachers, really are responsible for setting the tone in our classroom. Our children are always watching us and how we…

Behavior Punch Cards for Classroom Management

Are you looking for a fun, hands-on way to encourage your students to consistently make good choices?

Fluttering Through the Grades -

Creating a classroom culture with responsible students. Ideas for building the character trait responsibility into daily classroom tasks.

Using a Boo Boo Basket in the Classroom!

Oh my goodness! If I had a nickel for every bandaid I gave out in my classroom, I just might be a millionaire! My sweet little firsties thin...

Save your sanity and start implementing these 10 amazing classroom management tricks.

10 Classroom Management Secrets (to save your sanity!) - Early Core Learning

Save your sanity and start implementing these 10 amazing classroom management tricks.

FREE printable for using a Mr. Potato Head as a classroom management tool!

Mr. Potato Head Classroom Management

FREE printable for using a Mr. Potato Head as a classroom management tool!


Class Reward Coupons EDITABLE

This EDITABLE Classroom Coupon Reward System includes 40 different class coupons for you to use as part of your classroom management. Save a ton of money and ditch the treasure box! Give the incentives and rewards kids want with class coupons!This set includes 40 different coupons with 10 on each pa...

Brag Bracelets - Ink Friendly Black and White

Brag Bracelets are an awesome classroom management tool and have been super popular in my classroom. Students work hard to earn them and are super excited when they receive one! I particularly love the fact that students get to take them home which helps to create a positive teacher/parent communica...

Beat the Teacher: A Whole Class Incentive

Do your students need a fun refresher on classroom expectations? This whole class incentive is the perfect amount of friendly competition to get them excited about practicing - even when spring fever starts to hit!Read about how I implement this in my classroom here: Beat the Teacher: A Whole Class ...

Positive Classroom Management | True Life I'm a Teacher

Using positive classroom management is important in establishing a safe environment in which students can learn, collaborate, and create.

3 Simple Ways to Improve Communication with Parents

For teachers, developing positive relationships with students, parents and their families is the most important part of the job. These simple ways to improve communication with parents and families will help teachers to build lasting bonds and relationships that are critical for student success in the classroom.

Behavior Charts- for Behavior Management {Editable}

Behavior Charts Behavior Charts are a must for your classroom to not only track behavior, but to reward positive behavior. Students need to be able to visually see how there day is going and also have a goal or reward to work towards. That is why I created this product that has multiple types of beh...

Class Reward Coupons

These class rewards can be used to reward exceptional student behavior. There are six to choose from: lunch in the classroom, extra tech time, teacher's helper, switch jobs, move your seat, and pick a brain break. If you like these rewards, please leave some feedback; I'd love to know what you thi...