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The Ford C4 and C6 automatic transmissions have been equipped in millions of production rear-wheel drive cars and trucks since they were introduced in the 1960s (C4 in 1964, C6 in 1966). They remained in production deep into the 1980s, when overdrive-equipped transmissions finally eclipsed them. However, the C4 and C6 still remain incredibly popular with enthusiasts, racers, and restorers alike due to their simplicity,strength, and low cost. Rebuilding either of these transmissions isn?t overly
While millions of Ford rear-wheel-drive cars are equipped with the durable and simple C4 and C6 transmissions of the 1960s, early in the 1980s Ford replaced those old designs with the AOD transmission for a new generation of cars. Overdrive gears, once popular before WWII, were now becoming popular again, as manufacturers were under increasing pressure to raise fuel economy to meet ever more demanding EPA standards. A nice byproduct of that was more comfortable cruising speeds, where your engine

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DIY Ford - Ford 9 Inch Differential Guide: Third-Member Assembly
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1979 Owners Guide - Ford Truck Fanatics
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