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They are their characters, if the writers just didn't write a script and let those three reenact the movies just by being themselves they would have fitted the book versions of the characters perfectly.

She loved the cat in the movie, she loves it in real life; they hated the cat in the movie, they hate the cat in real life. They're very much their characters.

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*slow clap for the Harry Potter fandom* again <<<*pffft* that was hilarious! *standing ovation for potter fandom* i cant stop laughing im gonna join happy potter because holy duck

I never thought about this! Though they probably were just like, "Accio freaky-ass death eater costume" (this comment was fantastic)

Sirius Black beyond the Veil Tears being shed, no biggy.

Beyond the Veil by *Avender on deviantART Sirius Black and James Potter reunited again! So Harry saw Kings Cross because that was where he could escape from the normal world to Hogwarts. Sirius escaped from Hogwarts to his friends.

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This is the real story. You think the slytherins are all mean and shit but they are actually really excepting and blaise is always teasing Malfoy about his crush on potter.