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“Time for a #Caladium Class like or share to learn about the best cultivars & growing tips of this much loved tuber #Araceae”

Caladium Plant - How to Grow Care - Elephant Ear Plant

Caladium plants have large, paper-thin, heart-shaped, colorful leaves. Read our care guide on how to grow a caladium plant at


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Caladium indoor and outdoor complete care guide

This Caladium plant care guide will help you get beautiful houseplants. Caladiums are tropical perennials that are native to South America. There are..


Parakeet Pairs - Parakeet Care Tips

For anyone who feels their parakeet could use some companionship, then getting another parakeet is a great option. For the most part, parakeets do better in pairs, but you will still have to be aware of a few key facts to have a successful pairing. Geo Bird Cage (Watch Video) As with most birds, parakeets …


Gardening Tip - Caladium

The National Garden Bureau works to educate, motivate, and inspire people in the use of plants. Our members are the experts and leaders in horticulture.

Raspberry Moon Caladium Bulbs

Raspberry Moon Caladiums were developed for Classic Caladiums by Dr. Robt Hartman, our caladium expert.

Allium Ampeloprasum

Allium Ampeloprasum Bulbs | Flowering Onion | Spanish Allium Spanish alliums are statuesque beauties, towering a full 4 feet tall on strong, straight stems. The blooms are larger than softballs and reminiscent of sparklers, with dozens of tiny purple magenta florets. If you like the look of alliums but prefer plants with more movement, these are a good choice. The stems are flexible and allow the flower heads to sway sensuously in the breeze. Spanish allium bulbs are hard to find in this…

Miss Muffet Caladium Plant

The Caladium includes seven species that are native to South America and Central America, and naturalized in India, parts of Africa, and various tropical islands. They grow in open areas of the forest and on the banks of rivers. There are 1000s of cultivars. Listing is for one potted plant shown,

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