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Dani Soon, Illustrations. Excellent, intriguing illustrations done by Korean artist Dani Soon. See more of her gorgeous work below: [[MORE]] Dani Soon: Website


Shut up and take my money! - Avatar the Last Airbender Video Game produced by the minds behind Star Wars K.

≈Avatar The Last Airbender≈

Funny pictures about Avatar Kinect. Oh, and cool pics about Avatar Kinect. Also, Avatar Kinect.

Music Modes - Music Theory Lesson 19 A Though they don't all sound pretty, they're all unique

This is where you find everything about piano scales. How to form them, practice them correctly and use them well to make great music.

Scales for violin exams with charts

New Violin Scales and Arpeggios for ABRSM Grade 1 with finger charts for each key, an easier approach for younger players to learn one of the requirement for the examination. "Red" circles are fingering for arpeggios.