Drawing body proportions

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Some drawing references I've acquired.

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Heads hanging on a line......

I recently read a post from a beginner, on an art forum. He said that he had recently read that "all heads hang on a line", in a room scene. He was slightly baffled by this statement, since, as he rightly said, people are different sizes, so he questioned how can it be right that all heads in a scene would be on the same level? I find it worrying when I read things like this. Perhaps the student mis-read the quote..or didn't read on for the explanation, which can be the only excuse for such…

School-learning how to make a ball jointed doll

Okay, so you can’t suddenly become a doll artist. And definitely not an artist who knows how to do a ball jointed doll without someone giving advice which steps to take. Certainly, you could …


İnsan Figürü Figür, ressamın ele alabileceği en ilgi çekici temalardan biridir. Ressam için diğer konulara göre daha büyük bir mücadele gerektirir, çünkü çizgiler ve formlar arasındaki orantılar ve…

(138 images) Drawing references and tutorals

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Bases para el dibujo del cuerpo humano

Hoy te dejo lo más básico que debes saber para realizar el dibujo del cuerpo humano, ¡ponlos en práctica! Es más sencillo de lo que crees.

Corpo Humano

Esboço de Leida Nogueira No desenho da figura humana, utiliza-se a medida da cabeça como módulo e pode-se dividir em 7 partes ...