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Swing & Be Free, project by Bruno Taylor of adults used to play on the streets when they were young, only of children do so now. This project by 'Bruno Taylor' is a study into different ways of bringing play back into public space.

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Announcing the Semi-Finalists for the 2013 AppMyCity! Prize - Atlantic Cities Staff - The Atlantic Cities

Shunmyo 	 Masuno  | 2o2 studio: SHUNMYO MASUNO i jego ogrody ZEN

A modern Zen garden at the Kojimachi Kaikan in central Tokyo, Japan. The stones represent Buddhist cosmology. The designer, Shunmyo Masuno, is a Zen priest and the acknowledged master of modern Zen gardens

Experiencing natural environments is widely recognized as an important part of early childhood development, and yet most urban playgrounds have banished plants in favor of equipment. Teardrop Park is designed to address this gap, offering adventure and sanctuary to urban children while engaging their minds and bodies. Site topography, interactive water fountains, natural stone, and intimately-scaled plantings contribute to an exciting inner world of intricate textures, intense scale…

Teardrop Park in Battery Park City allows urban children to experience natural environments, offering adventure and sanctuary while engaging their minds and bodies with topography, interactive water features, natural stone and intimately-scaled plantings.