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the brochures are designed to look like they have been folded in different colors
@betweenstudio — Curated by Christian Calviño
#graphic #design crossing cultures Cuba
the second man poster with two men standing next to each other in black, red and white
Books | Paul Rand, American Modernist (1914-1996)
the great perhapss by joe meno, with an image of two birds on it
Inspiration - Beautiful Book Cover Designs
#collage #bookdesign
the words franklin gotic are shown in grey and white on a black background,
College of Art and Design
Franklin Gothic type specimen poster by Devin Caskie
RELEVANT Spreads - ReckerHouse Interaction Design, Book And Magazine, Publication Design, Interview, Magazine Spreads, Principal
RELEVANT Spreads - ReckerHouse
a man's head with an image of the city in the background and lines running through it
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Daily Inspiration #1558
an orange and green light bulb with a question mark in the middle on a pink background
Love this! Maybe I should add a print like this above the bed or in the shipping pallet shelf to keep this room from looking too country? Guess how much I love you - by Simon C. Page
two people walking across a crosswalk in the middle of an intersection with signs on it
�介��娴锋�ヤ���娆h� Icograda
By Masaaki Hiromura, supervised the visual identity and the signage system. He introduced a unique signage system which does not spoil the transparency of the architecture (mainly made of glass) and in which information on the floor guides visitors to destination, without losing the transparency of the architecture or interfering with visitors looking at exhibits.
A study on Hispanic Americans, 2012. || Design by Kingdom Industry || Study, Spiritual Development, Hispanic American, Society, American, Work Ethic, Study On, Development
A study on Hispanic Americans, 2012. || Design by Kingdom Industry ||
an image of a web page with many different screensavers and layout options on it
#website from Bory Kim here to find out more
two hands are holding a blue object in front of the camera and four red dots above it
El Duende + PS4
El Duende + PS4 / IS Creative Studio.
a magazine cover with the words try this written in bold yellow and black letters on it
a man is holding up a poster in front of his face
Posters, Print Design, Typography, Type Posters, and Typography Posters image inspiration on Designspiration
I like how the text is cut out of an image and the text cuts through the image. Very simple idea with a powerful result. The clean white background makes all the information stand out from the page.
an image of a man's face with geometric shapes on the back and sides
Unique Graphic Design on the Internet, Social Prism #graphicdesign #poster