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Parmesan zucchini rounds that are coated in whole wheat bread crumbs and cooked in a little bit of olive oil! So much healthier than deep fried zucchini!

Foliebakt ørret med agurksalat -

Foliebakt ørret med agurksalat -

Eggs Scrambled with Avocado, Onions and Tomato

Scrambled eggs are a food that enjoys great love, attention, devotion — and even debate, as we saw last week in this discussion of ways to make better scrambled eggs. You guys definitely have a.

Pan-Fried Asparagus II Recipe

{Pan Fried Asparagus} Made this tonight for supper - tasted so good! - Drizzle of olive oil, chunk of butter, asparagus, salt & pepper in pan. Added 2 cloves of minced garlic at the very end.

Pies in jars

I am completely in love with this Wedding favor idea! PIE-IN-A-JAR * This Idea and Recipe Was Used For Homemade Wedding Favors But Is Very Versatile & Can Also Be Used for Birthday Parties, Showers, Anniversaries, Etc.

Spiced Chai Concentrate

DIY Chai Concentrate to make yummy chai drinks or pour over ice cream, yogurt and more - From Tasty Kitchen