Olive & Oil Bar

Dana-Powers Barn Wedding from Ken Kienow

Bread and Olive Oil Bar Hall this is what i wanna do for the wedding. olives from marsh and bread with that balsalmic oil stuff

Southern weddings - popcorn bar

Engagement party -Ooh, this is a good idea! Popcorn bar - suits the whole "old movies" idea.How To Put Together A Popcorn Bar - Wedding advice for the modern bride

Make-your-own-caramel-apple bar

apple dipping station is perfect for a fall party! Use cut apples, warm caramel & various toppings-mini choc chips & m, sprinkles, nuts, marshmallows

How to display baked potato fixings

Shay: Thought this might be something fun for an Autumn-themed wedding. This or a Candy Bar, although this seems more "unique." - Perfect Fall party idea: caramel apple bar - maybe for a Halloween party?

Caramel Syrup and Chocolate Covered Popcorn - love the craft paper cones!

Trick out Treats, Fast The secret to this salty-sweet snack? Ready-made caramel syrup, melted and drizzled over popcorn. Serve it in Kraft-paper cones. Read more: Winter Party Ideas - Recipes and Ideas for a Snow Day Party - Country Living

Perfect S'mores without the campfire or the mess!

s'mores on a stick - easy for bbq party - use toothpicks and dip marshmallow in melted chocolate and then roll in crushed graham crackers!

Elegant Vintage Themed Wedding beer

Soft and Elegant Organic Vintage Wedding Inspiration