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the front cover of watering loropetatum plantaddicts, with green leaves
Watering Loropetalum | Plant Addicts
Watering loropetalum correctly gives your plants the help they need to thrive. Whether in a container or planted in the ground, a well-watered loropetalum will develop a strong root system to grow and survive in your garden.
some plants that are in pots on the side of a brick walkway with text overlay
Are Loropetalum Deer Resistant? | Plant Addicts
Loropetalum or Chinese Fringe flowers are very deer resistant. They’re a great choice if deer pressure is a problem in your gardens or in the landscaped areas of your yard.
a potted plant with purple flowers in it and the words growing loropetaum in pots
Growing Loropetalum In Pots | Plant Addicts
Loropetalum, also called Chinese Witch Hazel, are easy to grow in pots and will add an easy-care element to your landscape. Their colorful foliage looks great all year and their delicate flowers in the spring months are an added bonus.
the front cover of an article about plantaddicts, featuring pink flowers and green leaves
Loropetalum Aren't Blooming | Plant Addicts
Loropetalum usually bloom in the spring and early summer months. Their delicate blooms can range from bright pink to white in color.
an image of plants with the words plantaddicts on it and in front of them
Planting Loropetalum | Plant Addicts
Loropetalum, also called Chinese Witch Hazel or Chinese Fringe Bush, are easy to grow shrubs which will add an eye-catching element to your landscape.
a potted plant with purple leaves on the top and bottom, in front of a white background