What an awesome cabin!

DIY Cabin in the Woods

Bunkhouse: DIY small cabin retreat: 130 square feet plus a deck - sleeping loft, IKEA furnishings (like a table that folds against the wall when not in use), barn door that opens the inside to the outside.

Cabin in Totteskogen Hemsedal Norway // architect Tim Resen

mflikes: “[interior design] A modern pine-filled cabin with a glass wall and fireplace.

Architect Olle Lundberg's cabin complete with livestock water tank pool- view one

Olle Lundberg's Cabin

Lundberg cabin in Cazadero, Calif., Olle Lundberg has assembled a cabin from materials salvaged from houses and offices that Mr. Lundberg’s firm, Lundberg Design, built or remodeled.

olle lundberg cabin

Olle Lundberg's Cabin

Olle Lundberg and Mary Breuer's weekend cabin. Lundberg salvaged materials from other projects, including steel sash windows, an aluminum coffee table and a pool that was a livestock water tank and has replacement slats from wine barrels.

Scott Newkirk cabin, inspired by Handmade Houses.

Unplugged: Scott Newkirk's Cabin

Beautifully Rustic Off Grid New York Cabin. 300 square foot off grid cabin the woods. The cabin, which has no electricity or running water, is made from reclaimed materials. It sits surrounded by a spacious deck and bluestone patio.

absolutely gorgeous home (inside and out!)

The Compass Pointe House in Whistler, Canada

mirrors and wood

Guilford Cottage Sheets of unframed glass fill the spaces between the building’s operable windows and the sloping eave of the roof, giving the house, as architect Alan Organschi puts it, “the feel of coming apart at the seams—of surfaces unhinged.

Cabin in Norway #3

Aas Thaulow plywood kitchen cabinets with cutouts, Norway. Open shelving backing window

glass cabin

gorgeous Cottage Home Design - low cost cottage in Argentina located in the resort setting of Mar Azul, on the shore of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Designed by Argentina’s BAK Architects.

Cabin with porch

Architect Raili Pietila on the rear terrace of his summer cottage: Architect Juhani Pallasmaa Photo by Jari Jetsonen

sunset cabin

Image 5 of 8 from gallery of Flashback: Sunset Cabin / Taylor Smyth Architects. Photograph by Ben Rahn / A-Frame Inc.