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Companion Planting Poster  Great information on what works well and what does not work well. Additional information about good plants for repelling pests!

Companion Planting Chart : find your crop in the left column then look to find good companions and bad companions. (Link is bad, but chart is readable)

Seafood Paella Recipe from The Mediterranean Dish: This is an easy seafood paella. I skipped the chicken because I wanted a strictly seafood paella. But feel free to make it your own.

Seafood Paella Recipe from The Mediterranean Dish: Seafood paella dishes can easily incorporate anything from clams and muscles, to large shrimp and lobster. Get step-by-step photos

English style kitchen garden | jardin potager | bauerngarten | köksträdgård

Garden Layout: English style kitchen garden -- flower borders as a surround, and a variety of vegetables and herbs for cooking