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Science Word Wall for Grades 3-4

UNDERSTANING/ INSTRUCTION: Science Word Wall for Grades I pinned this because its a great example of why cross-curricular instruction is important and how it can be done.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Infographic

This infographic shows the basic personal protective equipment, or PPE, that needs to be considered during a hazard assessment to protect employees fr

5 Ways Our Founding Fathers Protect The American Dream

Learn about the history of the American Dream, first outlined in the Declaration of Independence to legally protect the pursuit of happiness.

Capitalism: America's Best Defense

Capitalism is an economic theory where production is privately owned and distributed by the laws of supply and demand. Here's pros, cons and examples.

The End of the American Dream?

The financial crisis may have ended the modern American Dream. It also forced us to return to the one envisioned by our Founding Fathers.

Presente de indicativo : ejercicio.

Couldn't find this on the site (link leads to homepage), but it would be easy to make your own using the Spanish verbs and other Spanish vocabulary you're teaching.