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three seashells hanging on a string against a blue background, one is pink and the other is lilac
Mermaid Party Printables
the mermaid scales wall art is displayed on a table with scissors and other crafting supplies
DIY Fish Scales Tutorial for Mermaid Wall Art - Darice
This mermaid themed wall art with DIY fish scales is a gorgeous statement piece that you can make with very little effort!
three pictures of different types of paper fan shapes and the same one with gold, pink, blue, and green leaves
How to make a foil cup backdrop - Chickabug
Ideas sobre como hacer escamas sirena
watermelon stars cut up on a blue and white striped platter, ready to be eaten
Hattie Jane Blog: Wesley's Captain America Birthday Party! -
Hattie Jane Blog: Wesley's Captain America Birthday Party!
the little mermaid birthday coral pieces popcorn is ready to be picked up from the store
Little Mermaid Birthday: Coral Pieces Popcorn
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a light that is on the ceiling above a kitchen counter with some birds flying around it
Dollar store table cloth taped on the end to two rods. Rods were attached - by string - and affixed to the ceiling using small clear command hooks. We found shark templates online (Google images) printed them and cut them out of foam sheets ($1/sheet at Michael’s)
there is a net with pictures on it and some seashells attached to it
La guía definitiva de Decoración de Fiestas Marinas - Dicoro
Idea para decorar con recuerdos en tu fiesta marinera
the letter o is surrounded by sea animals and corals in gold, blue, and pink
Marry Mermaid - Bridal Shower Invitation Template | Greetings Island
Marry Mermaid - Free Bridal Shower Invitation Template | Greetings Island
seashells and pearls laid out on a piece of paper
25 Under The Sea Theme Decorating - decorisme