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an image of the symbols for different planets and their planetary names, including each one
Essential Dignities of the planets #astrology
the seven planets and their names
The Seven Heavens
an astro wheel with zodiac signs and symbols on the sides, including one woman holding a star
a drawing of an object with two circles and one circle on the side, it is labeled
an astro wheel with the zodiac signs and numbers in it, all on one side
Sign Rulership – Naomi Bennett Blog
the wheel of life with numbers and zodiac signs on it, which are labeled in yellow
ASTROLOGY | shadowdance
The Astrological Chart is a blueprint of our psyche. The signs on the four angles represents our Mother, our Father, our Self and our Partner (1, 4, 7 & 10). It is our responsibility to become WHOLE which is to integrate all four of these angles. Often our Shadow is laced with these parts of US and because we want to know ourselves, we project them onto others. Know thyself and nothing in excess — these wise words on the temple of Delphi are still important today. — Rebeca Eigen
an iphone screen showing the astrology wheel on it's display, with text below