🔖 Please take a moment to go through the description below. It's important to understand the information provided, and it may also address some of your questions or concerns. Unsure about your finger sizes? Grab this reusable ring sizer featuring UK ring sizes from A to Z+9. Before purchasing, please ensure you've read my size guide: https://www.aislingchou.com/pages/size-guide [How to Get a Ring Sizer for FREE] I'll refund the cost of the ring sizer with your next ring purchase. Simply include a note mentioning your ring sizer order number. 🌟 [Features] * Sizes range from A to Z+9 * Easily identify your size with the clear arrow indicator * Reusable for all your future ring purchases - a handy tool to keep! 📖 [Instructions for Use] * The ring sizer functions similarly to a zip tie. Jus Zip Ties, Ring Shapes, Ring Sizer, Ring Sizes, Cool Tools, Size Guide, Ring Size, Buckle, Range