POHIR Pressure Washer Gun and 50FT Hose Kit Cleaning, Washer Hoses, Pressure, Car Wash, Hose, Nozzle, Clean House, Computer Accessories, Kit
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POHIR Pressure Washer Gun and 50FT Hose Kit, 3600 PSI Power Washer Gun Comes With 15in Extension Wand Parts 7 Nozzle Tips Quick Connect Set For Home Cleaning and Car Washing - 50ft Full Set / Mate…

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The pressure washer hose and gun kit uses upgraded materials and new process technology to provide a longer service life. It contains a wealth of accessories to meet our different cleaning needs.
Pressure Washer Hose
Hose length: 50FT
Work pressure: 3600 PSI
Withstand temperature: 60°C / 140°F
Pressure Washer Gun
Gun length: 15inch
Extension wand length: 15inch
Maximum length: 30inch
Work pressure: 3600 PSI
Angle Nozzle
0°: True Red
15°: Yellow
25°: Green
40°: White
Rinse: Blue, Soap×2: Black and Light red
High quality material ensures hose not easily be ruined by kink,endures many years of use.
M22 female thread on ends,Can be linked to either M22-14mm or M22-15mm connectors.
360°rotation effectively prevents hoses from kinking.
The safety buckle of the handle can prevent misoperation and is very convenient.
Pressure washer gun and hose kit are equipped with a wealth of accessories, having this kit will make your cleaning job more efficient and enjoyable.
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