Oval Golden or Silvered Box Pendant in Bohemian Style. This Magnificent Medallion is Delicately Chiselled with Swirls Patterns and a Pretty Oval Cabochon of Semi Precious Stone is Set in the Center.  This Pendant is Reminiscent of Renaissance Jewelry This Pendant is made of Brass and is a Box Which Opens You Can Insert a Photo, a Talisman, a Prayer or a Small Precious Object. -Material: Brass -Color: Golden or Silver - Length: 5 cm -Width: 2.8 cm -Thickness: 0.9 cm -Cabochon shape: Oval -Stones: Secret Box, Talisman Pendant, Cabochons Stones, Semi Precious Stone, Swirl Pattern, Oval Stone, Oval Cabochon, Moon Stone, Brass Color