an animal skull with long horns is shown on a white background and has blue crystals in it's eyes
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Hand Carved Longhorn Skull // XL Horns - White Glowing Mandala

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Embrace your place in the world with the impressive span and spiritual influence of our premium Hand Carved Longhorn Skull // XL Horns - White Glowing Mandala. Representing wholeness, the infinite, and the divine, the Mandala is more than a circle. This elevated decor will add some mystic style to your home, with a pop of Turquoise gemstone color.The intricate Mandala design is hand-carved by a talented Balinese artisan, using a technique that takes days for each piece and takes years to learn. This spiritual symbol is used in yoga practices to aid in meditation and ignite spiritual awakening.A truly impactful piece, this longhorn skull has to be seen to be believed. Our XL longhorn skulls don’t come around very often, so make sure to take advantage of when they are in stock. These impressive skulls are unique to Skull Bliss, so you won’t find anything like them elsewhere.
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