Your order comes with 5 organza pouches filled with all natural eucalyptus epsom salt and freshly plucked lavender buds. Perfect for your evening soak after a long day. Epsom salt is known for is muscle relaxing qualities, and the perfect combination of eucalyptus and lavender fills the room with a soothing, relaxing aroma. The benefits of epsom salt in your bath water include: * Promotes relaxation * Helps with recovering muscles * Hydrates the skin * Gives mind clarity The benefits of lavender in your bath: * Promotes calmness * Overall relaxation * Rejuvenates senses Thank you for checking out our small business. Please see other listings in our shop that are similar if this isn't exactly what you're looking for at: Spa, Etsy, Beauty Spa, Decongestant, Aroma, Home Spa, Epsom, Salt, Relax Spa